Recommended Restaurants in Odessa

A busy day checking out all Odessa has to offer is sure to work up quite the appetite. Here is a look at some recommended local restaurants ranging from fine dining to casual eating, each guaranteeing a taste of Odessa’s unique heritage in its own individual way.

12-restaurant-interiorAssol – Situated in the upscale Arcadia beach area and housed on an old wooden warship inside the local yacht club, the Assol provides not only a touch of class, but a breathtaking view to complement every bite. The restaurant is lit by candle light from stern to aft, serving dually as both a romantic and recreational dining experience. The menu features a mouthwatering sampling of traditional Ukrainian cuisine, while the diverse beverage list includes pirate rum, fresh from the ships basement.

Vasilisa – This exquisite restaurant boasts a particularly Russian feel, preserving the culture that the Ukraine, Odessa in particular, was heavily influenced by a long period of Soviet control. Draped in authentic Russian decorum, the menu matches the aesthetic styling, offering a variety of Russia’s favorite recipes. From fowl to beef to fish, the Vasilisa offers a full selection bound to satisfy any pallet. To wash it down, try a sampling of traditional Russian vodka. Other beverages, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic are also available to quench your thirst.

slide2Kumanet’s – This quaint, old timey Ukranian jaunt boasts one of the best locations in all of Odessa, just a block away from centrally located Deribasovskaya St. Kumanet’s provides a more casual dining experience for visitors looking to gauge an authentic eating experience. From shashliks to varenikies, local favorites all find a home on the menu. The Kumanet also offers an array of beverage choices including Kvas, an alcoholic drink native to the Ukraine. The convenient location can sometimes lead to a sizeable wait, but most satisfied customers agree it’s worth it.


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