Around Ukraine

Odessa is a beautiful city, unparalleled in many aspects of culture, beauty and historical significance, however while in the Ukraine, there are plenty of other cities and sites to see not housed within the Odessa limits. On the whole, Ukraine is the 8th most visited country in the world in terms of tourists. If you are considering a tour of the entire country, be sure to stop by these fellow Ukrainian hot spots, each bringing their own unique offering to our national landscape. 607906a39a72b7e891497b9939b24966

Carpathian Mountains An ideal destination for any hikers, skiers hunters and fisherman, the Carpathian Mountains stretch across the southwestern portion of the state, with the highest peaks closer to the Romanian border to the south.


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Kiev The country’s capital, Kiev is home to not only the many administrative buildings that house the Ukrainian government, but also adorned with beautiful architecture throughout the city. Laid out with wide spanning streets, lined by impressive structures rising up from the ground, in Kiev you will find achievements such as the Saint Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral, Vydubychi Monastery, Kiev Conservatory, Golden Gate, Holy Dormition Cathedral, St. Andrew’s Church, Marisyinsky Palace and more. Not to mention, the center of the city (the Independent Square area) is quite the social scene in the summer time, complete with plenty of young visitors and an abundance of clubs and restaurants.


Hotel Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine

Crimea At the southernmost point of Ukraine extends Crimea, technically its own autonomous republic within the Ukrainian border. Yalta is Crimea’s most famed city, home of the Yalta Conference in 1945, inside the breathtaking Livadia Palace. Yalta is far from the only must-see destination in Crimea, however, a land blessed by mountains and shoreline. Swallow’s Nest, near Yalta, has become emblematic of the area, a striking romantic castle in the Neo-Gothic styling, overlooking the black sea from a towering cliff. Crimea doubles as not only a historic site of ancient ruins and surviving beauty but a popular beach vacation spot as well.58745796


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