City by the Sea

Odessa Black Sea has as its southern border, historically serving as a port city for the continental part of Ukraine, on the trade routes to other coastal countries. Odessa also sends regular passenger vessels in coastal cities such as Istanbul, Haifa and Varna, Bulgaria. Tourists, however, can enjoy the most waterfront locale of Odessa for its beaches. Here’s a look at the most popular places of the area to enjoy some sand and sun.


Arcadia beach

Approximately 15 minutes drive from the city center, Arcadia is not only the largest beach in the Odessa region, but most often. From the beaches of the main entrance is a long boulevard, home to numerous cafes and restaurants, allowing visitors to the beach to do a full day trip, staying for lunch and dinner. After dinner, a wide variety of nightclubs and hot spots running along the strip, which makes it particularly popular among younger single crowd. If you are looking for the most happening beach in Odessa, Arcadia is the best choice.

Joy Beach

Joy Beach is the most well-known for his trademark cable cars that take patrons directly to the water level. Not only convenient, cable cars also offer scenic views of the beautiful Ukrainian coast. Joy Beach is actually made up of a series of small beaches, each of which is equipped with showers, children’s playgrounds, bars, changing rooms, etc. Although it is, of course, there is something for everyone, Joy caters particularly well for two-parent families travelers.

Lanzheron Beach

Perhaps the most appealing aspect Lanzeron Beach is its central location, just a 15-minute walk from Deribasovskaya Odessa on Broadway. Located to the park Shevchenko, Lanzeron gives visitors the opportunity to choose between the views of the ocean and the picturesque green, depending on where they set up shop. Water slides, watercraft rental, and other water activities are a common sight along the beach, which makes Lanzeron fun destination for the more active beach enthusiasts.


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