What Are Five Landmarks To Visit In Odessa

In Odessa, Ukraine, there are a bunch of different landmarks to visit, but these are five landmarks one must see to get more out of the culture and heritage of Odessa.

193One nice landmark to visit is the The Statue of Laocoon, which is a monument that showcases Laocoon and his sons strangled by sea serpents. This has a very rich history because it was said that Laocoon was trying to find the fallacy of the Trojan horse. This is one of the few copies that exists other than the original in the Vatican.

47-primor-bulAnother interesting place to visit is Vorontsov’s Palace. It is at the end of Primorsky Boulevard pedestrian walkway. Also, it once served as an engineering school.

potemkinskaya-lestnitsa-v-odesse                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           After this was built by Boffo, Vorontsov asked him to build the Potemkin Stairs, the symbol of Odessa. It’s the official walkway into the city from the direction of the sea.

9258_800x600_phoca_thumb_l_deribasovskaya                                                                       The passage in Odessa is another corridor that connects Deribasovskaya with Transafiguration. It was once a huge bookstore, but now there are a bunch of shops.

368999_800x600_novyi-privoz-3          Lastly, Privoz Market is a great place to buy things because it is the oldest and largest market in Odessa starting in 1827.


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